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A special thanks to the judges of our 2006 Hard-Boiled Sex Contest. This contest would have been impossible without their hard work and dedication.


Desdmona is the founder of Desdmona’s Fish Tank, a critique group for authors of erotica. She is also the operating manager of Ruthie’s Club, a prominent erotic e-zine. As the sponsor of these erotic story contests, she has been a judge in every one. Her personal stories can be found at Ruthie’s Club and her own personal website, Tell Me a Story, Desdmona.


By night, PleaseCain moves in an underworld of sinister shadows, driven by thick black coffee and a sadistic sweettooth for suspense. By day, he writes it down and passes it for fiction, prompting his high-powered agent, the luscious Ronnie Ronzetti, to ring on the horn, saying, “What’s up with you, boy?” You’ll get a taste at Head ( and The Fish Tank (

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