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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2004 Fishnet Flash Contest
Honorable Mention

Les Belles Amies

Yvette awoke to sunlight shimmering through her garret window. The air was as warm as Mignon’s body beside her. Yvette found and caressed her lover’s breasts; slender fingertips rounded plump nipples, squeezing gently. Hearing Mignon’s whimpers, she wished for more time. Instead, she kissed her cheek goodbye.

“Don’t leave me,” a groggy Mignon mumbled.

“But I am sitting for a new artist this morning. I must go.”

“Is your stupid painter more important than me?” Mignon frowned.

“Don’t pout. We must eat and of course you adore lovely things, don’t you?” Yvette opened her bedside table drawer and withdrew a pair of black silk stockings she’d been saving for just such a moment. “Lovely things like these, perhaps?”

“Mon dieu! But how did you know I...?”

Yvette smiled. “How do I know anything, my love? I have just enough time to see how they fit you.” She pulled back the covers, reveling in the beauty of Mignon’s svelte, naked body as she began dressing her in the stockings.

Yvette’s fingers trembled and her mouth watered as she slipped jet silk over pink toes and slender ankles, up muscular calves and soft, fleshy thighs. While she adjusted the satiny stocking tops, the backs of her hands brushed the downy curls covering her lover’s sex several times.

Mignon gasped and instinctively draped her silk-clad legs over her Yvette’s shoulders.

No invitation was necessary. Yvette leaned over and worked her tongue back and forth between Mignon’s already moist folds. Encouraged by sighs and moans, Yvette slid her tongue upwards, and molding her lips around Mignon’s clit, sucked hard.

Mignon cried out in bliss, her back arched and her legs clamped shut, threatening to suffocate Yvette.

Extricating herself from Mignon’s love-grip, Yvette cooed, “Now, sweetheart, I must go. Monsieur Lautrec will be waiting.”

Laura Thorne hails from Canada. Her work has been published online at Clean Sheets and Erotica Readers & Writers Association.

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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2004 Fishnet Flash Contest
Honorable Mention