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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2003 Erotic Postcard Fiction Contest
Third Prize

Riding Twenty

“Get in the car. Get in the car this instant!”

The light had long been green, traffic honked behind me. I leaned out the driverís door, glaring at the young man on the boulevard. At last he lowered his sign, ĎSpare Change,í sauntered around to the passenger side and swung in.

He was a loose-limbed gazelle with a mane of tangled curls, naked chest tanned to the color of buckskin. The waistband of his filthy pants hung below his hipbones, insolent.

“I canít believe you would do this,” I sputtered. “I should phone your mother.”

Lies. I remembered that bitch, shrilling against my ear at 11 p.m. because her son and mine were still playing pool in my basement.

Now my son was tucked into university, my ex-husband tucked into his new, younger wife. And this young man still ran free.

“Roanna.” My name was fruit on his tongue. “If I donít do this now, when do I get to do it? When will I be twenty again?”

Twenty for me had been married, pregnant, bent into a toilet, the heel of the world pressing on the back of my neck. The pang softened me.

“If youíre hungry, Iíll buy you something to eat.”

“What I really want,” he said, “is a shower.” Dewy antelope eyes, crumpled smile.

While the water ran, I locked my credit cards in a drawer, positioned my purse on the table, the crisp spray of bills peeking out. Saving face. He could believe he was a thief. I could believe Iíd been robbed.

He came out still drizzling, scant towel lifting in a thick, alluring jut. I was already naked. He smiled again, dark, earthy forest secrets. Fleet fucking, my legs locked around his velvet, galloping back, not twenty but riding it, hanging on tight.

Tulsa Brown is an escaped novelist from another genre who’s having a sinfully good time in erotica. In 2004, Tulsa’s work will appear in Best Women’s Erotica, Leather, Lace and Lust, Black Lace’s Wicked Words, and Moist Magazine. Her stories can also be found in the archives of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association. She has some very vivid daydreams while stopped at traffic lights, which is how “Riding Twenty” was born.

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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2003 Erotic Postcard Fiction Contest
Third Prize