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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2003 Erotic Postcard Fiction Contest
Honorable Mention

The Dog Walker

The dog walker never tells me his name, just that we owe him a lot of money.

“Your husband kept promising,” says the dog walker.

“My ex-husband promised a lot of things.”

“I’m not much interested in human relations,” says the dog walker. I’ll call him Frank, because I live in Sinatra’s hometown, and the dog walker swaggers: like Frank, when he was young and hot.

“Pirate’s a different dog, since you. I can’t afford not to have you,” I say, and Frank laughs. “But I can’t afford to pay you. Not right now.”

Frank just stares. It’s a way to dominate a dog. My tits feel chilly all of a sudden.

“That’s a nice bra,” Frank says. He’d walked in on me dressing; he’s a dog walker, of course he has keys. “Do the panties match?”


“Put the dog in the bedroom,” Frank orders. “I don’t want to scare him.”

“Yes sir,” I say, heart rocketing, and Pirate follows my hand signals into my bedroom. He sniffs my crotch curiously—I am wet and hot. Pirate hasn’t smelled that in a long time. In the living room, Frank sits naked in the overstuffed chair reserved for Pirate.

“I would never have let Pirate commandeer the chair,” Frank said. “Your husband was too lax.”

“Lax is a kind word for it,” I say, and unzip my jeans.

“Stay,” Frank says, grabs my hips, makes me straddle him. He pulls the zipper down, sticks his hand in my snatch. “In heat,” he whispers.

I never get my jeans completely off. “Good girl,” he sighs, and turns me around like a good bitch. We hump like dogs. We bay like hounds. We nip and play and fuck.

I sure hope I owe him a lot of money.

Martha Garvey is a writer, teacher, and screenwriting coach. Her work has been published in the collections Best American Erotica (2000, 2002), Exhibitions, and SexToys, as well as online at and, under the name Nell Carberry. Under her own name, she’s been published in the magazine Central Park, and online at She would like to thank her adorable husband and remarkable dog for everything.

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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2003 Erotic Postcard Fiction Contest
Honorable Mention