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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2005 Shivering Short Story Contest
Honorable Mention

Fucking Jack Frost

I don’t know what possessed me to give an icicle a blow job, but that was precisely what I was doing. I was just happy it hadn’t frozen to my tongue. I’d never felt anything so cold or so delicious. Seduction had never been my strong suit, but originality was.

I’ve got to fuck him. Not because I find him desirable. He isn’t. But I’ve got to fuck Jack anyway. I don’t even have some sensible reason like for a promotion or revenge or even cash. No, I have to fuck my sister’s boyfriend because I love her. Don’t mistake me for some degenerate. I love my sister in the purest familial sense of the word. I have to fuck Jack to get rid of him for her. An orgasmic exorcism, if you will.

Jack is what I call a parasitic boyfriend. You know the type. He moves into your apartment, eats your food, hangs out with your friends, and inserts himself into every other aspect of your life. Jack doesn’t work, but he does enjoy the finer things in life, as long as his girlfriend does all the providing. And my sister has been paying the bill for nearly a year.

I had hoped that Jack was a temporary mistake of hers. But, apparently, she’d gone and fallen in love with him. Susie was even planning on marrying him. She’d announced it at our parents’ house last Sunday night at the obligatory family dinner. My mother had cried and my father had gone to the basement to kill some wood in his workshop. That’s when I decided that I had to rectify the situation. Susie is my baby sister, even if she is an adult, and it has always been my job to look after her.

Obviously, she’s done a poor job of taking care of herself. Jack has even cheated on her with other women, and she puts up with it. She confided once that it was “just sex,” and she couldn’t blame him for satisfying his desires as long as he still loved her. What the hell is that? I chalked it up to just entering her 30s and the persistent ticking of her biological clock. She desperately wanted to settle down and have a child. I tried to reason with her and pointed out all of his flaws (no job, no car, no ambition, promiscuity, etc.), but she defended him.

I know it seems it seems as though I’m blaming the entire situation on him and I acknowledge that. I never said I was reasonable. I love her. I hate him and I hate what he’s doing to her. Ergo, he is completely at fault and must be eliminated. I know she doesn’t really love him, but she thinks he does and I can’t blame her for that. I should probably let her sort out her own problems, but I can’t stand to see her suffer even if she’s doing it willingly. So, I have to fuck him. I know she won’t tolerate that. It goes back to sibling rivalry and always living in my shadow. Being the youngest can be a cold bitch sometimes.

So, there I was in her dingy place which was littered with dirty laundry and assorted fast food containers. God only knows what else was on the floor. Cockroaches? Used condoms? Ugh. It was cold, too. She was probably trying to save money on the heat bill. Anyway, I was performing oral sex on an innocent icicle. I’d snapped it off the eaves of the house before I came in. I always loved eating icicles when I was a kid because of the cool crunch they made when I bit down.

“She won’t be home for an hour, Cassie,” Jack said, staring dumbly at the frozen phallic object in my hand. It was melting, making a river down my arm.

“I know. I thought you and I could talk.” I slipped the ice through my fingers as I spoke. “Get to know each other better.” Christ! Could this get anymore trite?

He shoved a piece of shaggy blond hair away from his eyes. “Sure. We could talk.”

I sat next to him on the couch and slipped the ice cock between my lips once more, sucking in earnest. He nearly choked when he saw me slide the entire icicle down my throat. Yes, I’ve had more than a little practice, but this isn’t about my promiscuity, is it? I pulled it out again and licked the tip.

“Isn’t that cold?” he asked, eyes riveted on my mouth.

“Very cold,” I replied. “Jack, I’ve got a confession to make.”

He hastily rubbed at the rapidly growing bulge in his pants. “And what’s that?”

“I’ve had a fantasy about being fucked by you.” I was proud that I didn’t cringe when I said it. Of course, it sounded like a line from a bad porno flick, but Jack, who is not a mental giant, bought it.

“Really? Your sister bragged about me, huh?”

What an asshole! “She said you’re the best fuck of her life.” Luckily, I’m not Pinnochio. She’d actually said he was “enthusiastic,” which I think is code for coming too quickly.

“Well, maybe I can make that fantasy come true.”

Jack had done it. He had failed the last test. If Jack had protested, saying that he was involved with my sister and shocked at the very suggestion, I might have let him off instead of getting him off. But, no, he had readily agreed. I was going to enjoy fucking him up.

I steeled myself as he leaned over and mashed his mouth against mine. He tasted like Cheetos and stale beer. “Mmmm,” I said after he released my bruised lips.

“Liked that, huh?” He stuck his tongue in my mouth and gave my teeth an exam.

I was about to toss the icicle aside when he shook his head and took it in his hand. “I have a use for this. Now, let me see those big tits of yours.”

Barely concealing my disdain, I flicked open the buttons on my blouse and eased it over my shoulders. I was about to reach around and take off my bra when his hand on my arm forestalled me. “No, just pop ‘em out of the top.” I reached in and took each breast out of its cup and balanced it along the top of my bra. “Hot damn!” he said, letting out a slow whistle. “I wondered what they’d look like.”

He shoved me back against the couch and settled himself over me. I could feel his erection prodding my belly. I felt nauseated all of a sudden, but I closed my eyes. I’d made a decision and I was going to stick to it.

He touched the icicle to my breast and I gasped at the coolness. He circled each nipple, bathing them with an icy stream of water. He squeezed my breasts together, settled the icicle between them, and stroked it back and forth. “You like being titty fucked, don’t you?”

Summoning my inner porn star, I let out a faux earthy moan. “Oh, yeah, I love it.”

“I knew it, “ he said, continuing to stroke me with the frozen water. “I’d wear a path between these big titties if you were my girlfriend. Maybe your sister could buy a bigger pair.”

I was pissed on her behalf. There was nothing wrong with her breasts. “Are you gonna fuck me or talk all night?”

He glared at me before he brought his mouth to a nipple. He licked it experimentally. “Cold as a witch’s tit,” he said and then laughed at his own supposed cleverness. He slurped and sucked at my nipples, sounding a bit like a hungry newborn. The icicle had melted all away by the time he kissed his way down my stomach. I had goose pimples all over my upper body. I was freezing.

He reached for the bottom of my skirt and flipped it over my belly. “No panties, huh? You came over here for this, don’t you?” he asked, looking at my pussy as though it were some prize.

“Yes, I did.” I said. It wasn’t a lie. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for ages.” He didn’t notice that it was said angrily instead of lustfully.

“I had no idea big sis was such a slut,” he said smugly.

Why did men think it was okay to refer to women that way? Yes, I enjoy sex. That doesn’t make me a slut.

“You should trim that bush, honey.” He settled his hand in my pussy fur, which I refused to shave. It’s wild and natural and any man who doesn’t like it can just go jerk himself off.

He poked a finger inside me and I winced a little. Jack’s technique left much to be desired. “You’re soaking wet.” I was grateful that I’d used some lubricant earlier because he sure as hell didn’t get me that way.

“Mmm, fuck me, baby,” I purred. The sooner we got this freak show on the road, the sooner he’d be out of her life.

He continuing to jab my pussy with his index finger. Poke. Poke. Poke. “ You know, I sometimes think about you when I screw your sister.”

Christ, I didn’t need to know that.

He reluctantly stopped his prodding. “Hold on, I got an idea!” He scrambled off me and flung open the front door with flourish. The arctic air rushed in, blowing snowflakes in the door. I shivered, wrapping my arms around myself.

He returned with two more icicles and a big grin. “You liked it on your jugs so much, I thought you’d want one in your cunt and up your ass.” Fabulous. He has some kind of undiscovered winter kink. I’m being screwed by fucking Jack Frost here. “Do you have any lube?” he asked quite seriously.

Like I normally carry some around with me. Yes, I had pre-lubed, but I’m not a working girl. “Um, no.” I faked disappointment. “Looks like we can’t have anal sex. But we can–”

”I got it covered.” He went to the counter and came back with a container of cooking oil.

“I don’t think–”

“Turn over,” he said, gesturing with his hand.

Did my sister let him lube her with this? Scratch that. I don’t want to know. There was no point in arguing. I flipped myself over and he settled himself at the end of the couch. He’d better not skewer anything important up there. I mentally rehearsed what I would say to the emergency room doctor if this ended badly. Yes, sir, I just slipped off of the porch and it rammed itself up there. Right, and gerbils normally go burrowing up inside men’s assholes.

On a few occasions, I’ve let men have anal sex with me. It was usually something I reserved for a man I really cared about. Now, I was letting this dumbass do it to me. Susie owed me big time for this. Once she comes to her senses, she’s taking me shopping. He pushed my cheeks open and slicked me with oil, even slipping his fingers inside to get me ready. Then, he shoved in that big piece of ice. I shivered as his hands worked the ice cock in and out of me.

“You like that, baby?”

“Oh, yes!” Liar, liar, wish my ass was on fire.

“Roll over and let me fill your ice box,” he said with a chuckle as he sat up.

Ha ha. He’s so fucking funny. I rolled over gingerly, mindful of the iceberg in my butt. He teased my slit with the icicle, circling my clit and running it down to my opening. Then, he shoved it deep inside. I was being flooded with freezing water. It was seeping down into the couch cushions. He alternately stroked the two icicles in me. I felt like my insides were freezing up.

“My turn!” he gasped as he began to pull it out of my pussy.

Fine. Go ahead. I knew I’d eventually have to have his cock inside me. “You got a condom?”

“Come on, Cassie, it feels so much better without it.” He hurriedly shoved his pants down. His penis was long with a pulsing purple head.


He rammed it up inside me. Somehow, it felt colder than the ice had.

“That’s right, you fucking slut!” he groaned.

I became as frigid as any supposed ice maiden beneath him. He continued to make noises as he humped me, while I calmly watched. He finally came, polluting my insides with bursts of semen.

I pushed at his chest then. “Get off of me!” There was no need to be polite anymore.

“Sure, baby,” he said sleepily as he moved to the side. “Wasn’t it good for you?”

I wrapped my arms around myself and sat up. As I looked over the back of the couch, I saw the forgotten groceries scattered at her feet. Her stricken face was hot with pain and frozen in contempt.

No, it really wasn’t.

I was inspired to write this story by my sister’s very unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend. Not that I ever took matters into my own hands ... so to speak. I’m 29 and I work in higher education in Ohio. I’m a voracious reader and avid writer. This is my very first professional writing award or credential. I’m elated to have won and I hope you hear my name again!

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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2005 Shivering Short Story Contest
Honorable Mention