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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2005 Fragrant Flash Contest
Honorable Mention

Wild Ride

The van bounces over rutted grass. Meredith cuts the engine and hops out to unbuckle Timmy. “Remember, meet here at nine.” She frowns at Paul. “Be good, you two.”

Honestly. She acts like she’s my mom.

Paul and I escape, laughing.

The barns are redolent of sawdust and furry animals. Paul steals a kiss and I catch a whiff of peppermint.

On the midway, Paul wins me a purple cat. Its fur reeks of Polish sausages and funnel cakes. When no one is looking, Paul squeezes my ass. I giggle and wiggle away and we stroll, holding hands.

The blaring music of the rides overwhelms my senses. Paul stops us in front of the Ferris wheel. It’s nearly nine, but I follow him aboard.

As the ground falls away, he puts his arm around me. I snuggle up, and he cups my breast.

“Paul! People will see!”

“Up here?” His hand slips under the cat on my knees, nudging my hem higher.


I don’t stop him, though.

We soar high above the flashing lights, and he strokes the sodden gusset of my panties. We dip low. His fingers knead and press. I come, adding my cry to the clamor.

We jerk to a halt at the very top. I set the cat on Paul’s lap, undo his fly, and grasp his hard cock. A few fervent strokes and Paul comes, groaning, onto purple fur. We fumble with clothes as the wheel swings us back to earth.

While Meredith waits by the van, Timmy runs toward me, sticky arms outstretched. I hand Paul the cat and hug back, savoring cotton candy tang and popcorn perfume.

“Grandma! Wasn’t it awesome?”

“The best, Timmy. It was the best.”

Nicole Singer has written stories since she was eight, but never attempted to have them published. When she returned to college, she decided that writing stories for editors couldn’t be any harder than writing essays for scholarship competitions. She has yet to be convinced otherwise Nicole lives in the southeastern United States with her husband, their two sons, and altogether too many cats.

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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2005 Fragrant Flash Contest
Honorable Mention