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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2005 Fragrant Flash Contest
First Prize

Working Holiday

May 10.

Slept off jetlag. Ate tortillas. Dining hall had cowboy hats, saddles and holsters.

Slipped into bikini, walked on beach to convince myself it was opposite end of globe.

Beach crowded with pale tourists and swarthy fishermen. Skirted fishing nets and stinking fish. Held tissue on nose. Got ogled by bare-chested fisherman in batik loincloth.

Nick called to check if I’d written my daily thousand. I said zilch. He laughed. Called me a one-novel freak. Heard Selena in background, panting like she was mid-orgasm. Damn!

May 11.

Two hundred words. Shouldn’t have splurged advance; was measly amount anyway. Nick’s no great agent; had been a washout husband, too.

Point: find another agent.

Wore slacks for walk. Felt dark eyes strip me – didnít look up.

May 12.

Air oppressive – storm’s brewing. Wrote only three hundred words. Skipped walk to punish myself.

May 13.

Woke before sunrise. Strong winds. Sky burdened with clouds. Ran out in bikini. Beach deserted. Gray froth rode tall, wild sea waves. Stood where waves crashed on shore. Bubbles licked my feet. Sea sucked sand from under. Curled my toes on tingling wet grains.

Jagged lightning split sky. Savage rain lashed out.

Turned back. Saw batik-loincloth fisherman under palm fronds. Dead fish slithered out from straw basket under his arm. Formed dull gray heap.

Something snapped – my bra strap. Pale left breast burst free. Water cascaded off erect, swollen nipple.

He licked his lips. Stared. Loincloth tightened over tumescence.

Walked to him, tugged his loincloth. Manhood shot straight into my face. Grabbed him and tumbled on fish. Scales dug into back. Lungs filled with raw smell of dead fish and salt. I bit him. His hard body crushed me. Juices mingled.

Had six-egg omelet. Wrote five thousand words. Called Nick to gloat.

Toni is a newbie to erotica writing though she has published stories in other genres, including mainstream literary, science fiction, and horror.

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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2005 Fragrant Flash Contest
First Prize