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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2004 Erotic Short Story Contest
Honorable Mention


You know Sarah and I are always trying to see how far we can go, right? What I mean is, like, we’re fucking, right? And she really likes it when I’m telling her, ”... you’re my hole ... you just a pussy...,” stuff like that. She likes me calling her a slut and when I do she really lets go.

This one afternoon and, and you know, we can only get together in the afternoon ‘cause she’s got to get home in time to be wife and mother, right? Anyway, this one time we’re gettin at it fierce: Sweat arcing, screams so loud my ears is ringing. So she’s on her stomach see and – know how it is when you’re getting fucked so hard you don’t care about shit – well, I’m putting my back into it, balls banging her clit, all the time she’s yelling, “Don’t stop,” so I got to oblige her.

At this point, she’s just about flattened into the mattress and I need her ass up ‘cause I don’t want nothing holding me back, see? I get my arm around her shoulder to bring her up to me when she pops my thumb in her mouth. Now I’m thinking, she’s working it like a dick, so I start whispering in her ear how much I’d like to see her suck one. Shit, hearing that was just what she needed. Man, we get mad humping, she’s going down on my thumb, head bobbing wombat crazy, eyes rolled up white, her ass is beating against me and I’m getting it just the way I want it. My heart’s in my skull but I keep on feeding her shit, telling her how much I want to see her mouth get around something fat, dark and juicy, you know, turning this into a fantasy we can fuck with. We grinding so fast the ceiling fan’s keeping up with us. We get hot and slippery, shaking and screaming.

So now how I’m gonna keep her interested now she’s got this idea of making it with two men? I’m thinking about how this is gonna work, which I don’t feel it can right? But this is before this party I went to.

Sarah wants to meet up with me at this place. I know she’s got something up her sleeve, so, needing to get in character, I take some X. By the time I get there I’m hyped. Fortunately, the party’s in full tilt and nearly out the door but I manage to work my way inside. You shoulda seen it. It was all old school. Strobe lights pulsing, Dre on the speakers making the place throb. Black, Brown and White folk are up in there gettin down to chants of “nigguhs an’ bitches,” some weird shit. Hands waving, signing, heads bobbing. I can see Sarah through all this way back in the kitchen talking to our host, Molly. The ecstasy makes me want to fuck everyone I touch, but I manage to make my way through the crowd, heading towards her and damn if she isn’t dressed for it. She’s wearing this wrap, see? ‘S so dark it bends light, hugs her so tight you can make out her hipbones. All cinched by a belt that’s big and sparkly like something you win from a Smackdown but still leaves the top so open even Stevie Wonder can see down there. Even Molly can’t keep her eyes up. Her red heels shimmer under the kitchen fluorescent as she teeters from the beer she tries to steady.

I think she sees me but when I close in she whispers something to Molly and scoots out the back door.

“HellogreatpartywheresthbeerI’llberighback,” I say to her as I go after Sarah but by the time I step down into the backyard from the porch the only thing moving’s a clump of people way in the back who I discover to be a buncha guys huddling around a tub full of Tusker® and Lev® longnecks icing down. I grab one, was about to get into the conversation, well really, sorta stand there until I can get my bearings when the screech of the screen door gets my attention: Aaron shows up, surveys the backyard from the porch landing, spots us, then rearranges his crotch before descending the stairs. I’m wondering how he can walk around with that thing when a swath of Sarah’s dress flares from the porch light and points to her silhouette under the porch steps. The look in her eyes, man, ‘tha fuck? Makes my insides buck when she upends her beer, sucks it down. I feel like Matthew Henson and she’s my north pole when Aaron blocks my path, gives me the Negro nod and wants to know, “S’up?” S’up’s what’s under that porch that’s w’us up, I’m thinking, but, maintain my GQ while steady working my way around him – well, steady for me since, at this point, the world’s spinning underneath and I’m trying to catch up. Still, he don’t get the pattern and walks along anyway. It’s only when we closed in on the porch that he saw Sarah and puts it all together which ain’t too difficult since she’s throwing out a mean vibe and we’re caught up in it. It only takes a moment to decide the next move and as she steps back under the porch, we step to her.

I get used to the dark real quick, can make out Sarah with her wrap undone and her hand down her hose. No panties. She’s throwing all of this at us and I’m wondering if this is real. Aaron gets behind her, starts kissing her neck, her sweet spot – how’d he know that? Mauls her breasts. Her body goes limp like she ain’t got no bone, except she’s still working her pussy. My insides are hot reflux taking this all in, trying to figure my next move. I wrap my lips around hers, stuff my tongue in her mouth, urgently suck hers into mine.

Aaron holds her nipples up so I can suck those too, getting them to jut. I work my way down the front of her body to get a better look at what she’s doing; her lips are plush. She pulls her fingers out of her crotch and feeds them to me. They’re wet with her smell, makes my eyes cross. Never content with just one sensation, she withdraws her fingers, places her hand on the back of my head and pulls me into her crotch. I snuffle her, loving the way her hose scuffs my cheeks, lick at what I can get then have to tear a hole the size of my tongue. I taste her for a little bit then pull back, just breathe on her a little before offering my bluetit of a tongue again, you know, tease the pleasure out of her.

All of this is going fine when I feel something else: Aaron’s edging his dick between her lips. Before I can react, Sarah holds my head in place and keeps pumping her hips at me until I’m capping the head of Aaron’s meat. Wouldn’t you know it, at that moment, the beer group decides to go back to the party indoors? We make like a black hole and hold our breath until they all go up the steps, except, here I’m hoping no one discovers me hoping someone does and put a stop to the whole damn thing but soon’s I hear the screen door slam I know the principal’s not coming to my rescue. No, it’s just us, Zulu or Waterloo staring me in the face. Sarah pushes her hips at me again and Aaron wants more attention, the ecstasy’s having its way, thank God. I taste him, he’s sweet with her juice, and after a little bit more, taste his, and then, what the hell, go at them both.

Man, I can’t believe I’m doing what I’m doing. Aaron’s so swollen and hard as shit even I begin to imagine what he’d feel like. Sarah’s blabbering, going on about how she’s going to come all over us, rips the seat from her hose, now it’s all free-range pudding. Aaron grabs her thighs, hoists her up a little more so that she can slide back and forth along the length of him, getting it sticky. She starts shaking and at first I thought it was Aaron’s come but quickly realize it’s hers filling my mouth. I suck at her until she eases herself out of the way and orders me to keeping sucking Aaron.

“Oh God,” she says, “This is so fucking hot. I’ve never even done anything close to this.” Well, that makes two of us, I don’t know about Aaron.

Okay, so she pulls me up so I can trade places with him. I have to undo my pants – an invitation was taking too long – sit my naked ass on the trashcan, the cold shock of the lid makes me sizzle. Aaron kneels in front of me, yanks the pants from my thighs and goes down on me good. Sarah climbs on top of the cans, faces Aaron, plants her heels on either side of me. She looks over her shoulder to ask,” You know what to do with this,” before adhering her ass to my face. My fingertips get lost in her cheeks as I tongue her asshole. Aaron lifts my legs and, Lord have mercy, does the same thing to me.

Sarah lifts my legs up by the knees, pulls the pants over my boots, coins and shit tinkle offa the trashcans.

Aaron licks and laps at me. By the time he shoves his thumb in there I want his whole hand, well, at least I think I do. Sarah’s cavitating on my tongue like she’s trying to screw it into place. When she finally does she bends over to fill her mouth with me.

It must look like we’re playing Twister. I start to blabber that I need to be fucked. Now. I grope for Aaron, get a hold of his thing and fill my ass. Aaron must’ve anticipated some kind of fucking because he had a condom on already; it certainly made the entry easier. He makes some tentative moves in me but quickly revs up the pace. Sarah’s like a circus barker giving us the blow by blow. Between her asking me if I like showing my ass and if I like getting fucked she tells us that she’s coming again, which I can tell just from the juice running down my face. What I can’t tell if it’s Aaron’s demands or Sarah’s commands that make me beg for it as loud as I can into Sarah’s ass.

Man, she’s sopping wet and whipping my face calling ME a slut. Aaron’s like, sawing wood up in there but since I ain’t stopping him he cranks it up to 11.

It’s a good thing the music’s loud. Sarah screams the worst things she can think of but I muffle that as soon as I let go. My eyes see sparks flying every whicha way when Aaron swells and comes. I laugh from the sensation.

And it’s like the whole world’s coming with us. I can hear a siren. There’s dogs howling. A helicopter beats the air.

Richard Terry is a writer and teacher living in Philadelphia. He is currently completing a collection of short stories.

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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2004 Erotic Short Story Contest
Honorable Mention