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Tell Me A Story, Desdmona
illustration by garv

Sea Legs

By Desdmona

This story contains sexually explicit scenes.

Casey had hopes this cruise would be refreshing. And it was. She stood balanced with her hands resting on the rail. The summer breeze blew across her body revitalizing her. Long, blonde hair billowed about her. Mist from the salty water moistened her skin and the sun shone brightly, warming her face. Her casual dress clung seductively to her curves as she looked upwards towards the heat.

Casey had no idea the alluring picture she presented. But he did.

Giovanni was poised against the wall, watching her. He noticed her yesterday, as she boarded the ship. Her green eyes sparkled and yet seemed tinged with sadness. Giovanni knew many women, and many have opaque eyes; but this woman, her eyes were windows straight into her soul. His curiosity was peaked.

He had watched her today as she walked, while she swam, and when she ate. Everything she did was filled with quiet seduction. He watched her again now as she stood against the rail, her form outlined provocatively through wind-blown fabric. He was drawn to her natural beauty and veiled passions.

Giovanni knew women, he loved them, and he studied them. He recognized a woman filled with fire, as this woman was. Giovanni was certain she was not aware of her appeal. He was determined to ignite what lay dormant and experience first-hand that fire. He was also a patient man. He could make her aware of him but would wait until the time was right to approach her.

Casey’s thoughts drifted to bygone days. Memories that had once zapped her spirit were gradually evolving into just memories.

For two long years she had grieved over the loss of her parents. She still didn’t understand how she had escaped the accident nearly unscathed, while her parents had both died. She fought the guilt over being the survivor, and the pain of loneliness overwhelmed her at times.

Recently she had begun to think about the happy times they had shared. She had grown up an only child of Bob and Doris Roberts. They worked hard to give her opportunities they hadn’t been given. And she rewarded them with her degree in Business Administration. Her parents had been proud of her achievements in college. They would be even more proud if they knew she had landed a very lucrative position at a Fortune 500 company.

But now Casey needed more. A co-worker had suggested a cruise. She initially balked at the idea, but the travel brochures looked too inviting. She had earned time off by not missing a day of work in the last year-and-a-half. So she looked up a travel agent. And now Casey was here.

The trip had already begun to cleanse and refresh her spirits. The wind whipping around her seemed to lift her cares and toss them overboard. She was itching to enjoy life again. When she turned to walk to her cabin, she felt rejuvenated. She noticed a darkly handsome man looking at her.

He leaned casually against a wall. His legs crossed at the ankle, and one hand was thrust in his pant’s pocket, fumbling with keys or coins. He took a drag on his cigarette and then tossed it to the floor, pressing it out with the tip of his shoe. He had midnight eyes that didn’t blink or look away. He reminded Casey of a character in an old B movie. His penetrating stare gave Casey an eerie feeling he could see right through her. He half grinned and it relaxed his features to friendliness.

Her stomach quivered. Casey managed to smile cordially.

In return, his mouth opened in a full-blown smile.

Casey gulped.

He had a million dollar smile if she’d ever seen one. Full, wine-colored lips surrounded perfect white teeth. His whole face lit up. She was sure that smile, coupled with his good looks, had opened more than a few doors. After sizing him up, she knew if he knocked at her door, she would be hard-pressed not to let him in.

She walked on, wanting to stare, but instead she moved past him. Sensing he was watching her, she confidently swung her hips.

Giovanni whistled under his breath and tried to remind himself that he was a patient man.

In the evening, after an invigorating swim, Casey dressed for dinner. She thanked her travel agent for suggesting what sort of clothes to bring. She decided on a simple yellow dress with spaghetti straps. Her day in the sun had warmed her and added some needed color to her pale skin. She slipped on sandals and grabbed a lace scarf to pull over her shoulders as she headed out the door.

The dining hall was lavish, with an ornate chandelier as the focal point. Tables were arranged around it and covered in ecru linens. Each table was set with crystal and china and topped with massive flower arrangements. A host welcomed her at the entrance, found her name on a list, and then escorted her to an assigned seat.

Her table was already nearly filled. She recognized a few of the faces. She had met Mr. and Mrs. Miller while swimming earlier. Another couple she had talked with at breakfast, but couldn’t recall their names. Everyone greeted her and small talk commenced. She found out that Mr. Miller was a pharmacist and Mrs. Miller was a nurse. They had two grown children and traveled all the time. The Willoughby’s, the other couple, were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. She was allergic to shellfish and he suffered from motion sickness. The boat trip was a challenge.

Casey tried. She pasted on her best “I’m listening” smile and nodded whenever she thought it was appropriate, but her mind drifted. She was bored. Bored with life, bored with them. Bored with everything. She’d gone on for two years now just letting life continue. Up everyday, go to work, home in the evening, go to bed. It was time to let go. Time to be free. Time to be adventurous.

Casey finished dinner and then excused herself. The Miller’s and the Willoughby’s would be fine without her. Maybe a walk around the ship would do her some good. She wasn’t quite ready for the evening to end.

She walked completely around the outer portion of the ship. The sun was setting and the pale purples cast over the water. The evening was quiet. Most patrons apparently had already gone back to their cabins. She made her way to the lounge on the upper deck, quite by accident. But decided to go in.

The dimly lit room hummed with activity. There was piped in music and an active dance floor. People were trying to talk above it. Groups were gathered around tables, laughing and drinking. She looked around for a place to sit. Her eyes gravitated back towards the dance floor. He was there. The darkly handsome man she had seen earlier.

He was dressed exquisitely in a navy suit with a crisp white shirt. His body was well-honed and he danced as if born to it. She stared at his undulating hips, rhythmically swaying in perfect time with the music. His eyes were on his partner, and Casey noticed his Cheshire cat grin. She stared dreamily, enjoying the view.

During one swing across the dance floor, he looked straight at Casey, nodded his head and smiled. A genuine smile. His deep, brown eyes crinkled and lit up. Thick, luxurious, chestnut hair framed his face. Casey thought he was beautiful. He kept Casey’s gaze locked with his for long seconds and then returned his attention to his partner.

Casey shook her head as if released from a wicked spell. Had she imagined a connection? She wasn’t sure.

She wanted a drink. This she was sure about. She went to the bar and ordered a fruity rum drink. It went down smooth and easy. She was ready to dance. Two different men approached her. She willingly accepted each invitation.

By the fifth dance and the second rum drink, Casey had almost forgotten about the mysterious man. She was leaning against the bar, resting when she felt a presence behind her. She turned and came face to face with him. He was even more handsome up close. He had a few light freckles spattered across his cheeks, which added a child-like quality to his appearance. His eyelashes were thick and long and ideal trimmings to his brown eyes.

“I have been waiting to dance with you.” His accented, baritone voice dripped like thick honey, warm and smooth. Casey was speechless, and she passively let him lead her to the dance floor.

The pace of the song was quick, and Casey stepped with the beat of the music. He had a carnal, seductive way of moving, even at this slightly faster pace. They settled into a matching rhythm. They didn’t touch, except for an occasional, accidental bump. They didn’t speak. They just danced and breathed and never took their eyes off one another.

The fast song ended, replaced by a much slower one. Casey didn’t want to leave him; she reluctantly turned to exit the dance floor. But before she walked two steps, he grabbed her hand and jerked her body back to his. Now they touched. She felt the hard muscles in his arms.

“Tsk tsk,” he said, “I am not through with you yet.” He was dangerous. Yes, he was dangerous, and Casey wasn’t bored anymore.

She hadn’t felt baser feelings in a very long time. Her palms were clammy. Her mouth was dry. Her face felt hot and her body was all tingly.

His left hand held her hand tightly. His right hand circled around her waist. She settled her free hand on his upper arm. He squeezed and their bodies cemented together, hip to hip, with legs fitting snugly between. He wasn’t much taller than she was. This perfected the alignment of their bodies. His pelvis began to rotate against her, rubbing her suggestively. He was a master at dancing. Casey suspected at seduction as well.

He controlled their movements. She allowed him. He smiled, a devil’s smile, softened by dimples. Pressing his mouth to her ear, he whispered words in a language she didn’t know but easily understood their meaning. His warm breath tickled her ear. Casey felt alive, vibrantly alive. For the first time in months, her body reacted like it should. She welcomed it.

Giovanni whispered Italian love notions he had used all his adult life. He knew she did not understand his profession of lust, but her reaction was just the same. She shuddered against him. She was not the only one: his body was taut with excitement.

He searched her eyes and read willing desire. She pressed closer, crushing her breasts against his chest. They turned slowly in time with the music. His leg pushed further and her juncture rested securely against his thigh. His confidence buoyed with her salient moan.

Giovanni wondered what he should say to convince her of what he already knew. This night was theirs and they should spend it together, alone.

The song ended. He held her closely. Faster music continued but he refused to increase their pace. She pulled away slightly, and he was amused by the timid way she bit on her bottom lip.

This shy gesture contradicted the raw passion that Giovanni knew bubbled within her. He was enchanted. He made up his mind she would not get away, and so he was shocked when she grabbed his arm and said, “Follow me.” She pulled him quickly from the dance floor and out the door.

She stopped at the railing and turned to face him. The night air was warm and the air smelled sweet. The moon reflected off the water like glittering diamonds.

He watched as she inhaled. Giovanni was not sure if she was catching her breath or building confidence to say something. She looked up at him and exhaled. He liked the way her nipples poked at her dress when she breathed. Heat smoldered between them. He realized then that she had come to the same conclusion as he. Maybe she was not as shy as he had thought.

Giovanni reached and tenderly caressed her cheeks. Her eyes fluttered shut then opened again, filled with yearning. He may have been wrong about her shyness, but he was definitely right about her fire.

He needed to kiss the lip she had been biting moments ago. His face moved in. Her eyes remained open, gazing into his, watching him inch closer. The first touch was soft and warm. Her lips were velvet. His mouth slid easily across hers. Their lips pressed hard together hurriedly before their mouths opened and Giovanni slipped his tongue inside.

Casey was hungry, hungry for feeling and hungry for more. She sucked his tongue deep into her mouth, battling it with her own. Each suck and slurp returned to deepen their kiss.

Neither of them wanted to release. They kissed vehemently, until intensity gave up to breathing. Deep, throat-scorching breathing.

Their hands fumbled, grabbing for any hold. He cupped her ass and pulled her tightly to his body. His groin pressed perfectly against her as it had when they were dancing. She didn’t mistake his arousal, nor her own reaction to it. Her hands moved maddeningly over him.

The intrusion of passersby broke the spell. They pulled apart. Her lips were swollen, wet with saliva, and her face flushed. His mouth was hardened with determination and the need to continue.

It was his turn to drag her with him. Not even a “follow me,” just the force of lust directing him. Casey avidly let him lead the way.

He charged down the narrow passageway, yanking on doorknobs, without success. They came to a door marked PRIVATE. He turned the knob and it sprung open. Casey could see shelves covered with towels and a mop and bucket on the floor. He entered, pulling her with him, right before the door slammed behind them. Sea and sky were no longer the backdrops. Darkness hung around them, interrupted only by a dim light from beneath the door. The sweet smell of summer was replaced by antiseptic. They ignored their surroundings.

Their bodies flung together like magnets with inevitable force. His hand grabbed her leg and slid along the smooth, bare skin beneath her dress. She felt his fingers, groping inside the elastic of her panties as he ripped them from her. Her head lulled back. He was dangerous. He was strong. He was damn exciting.

Casey heard him unbuckle his belt, and fumble with his pants. And then his hands were on her again, sliding down her thigh, grabbing her under the knee, and lifting it around his waist.

He lifted her other leg and held her up with his powerful arms. Casey looked down in shadows to see his penis jutting outwards between them. She grabbed it and guided it to her. The entry was quick, a jab in the dark. He stilled, allowing time to adjust.

Casey swung her arms around his shoulders and hooked her ankles behind his butt. Her fingers dug into his suit jacket, holding it for support. She squeezed the muscles of her ass together and then released, over and over. Moving her up and down.

When she slowed, he took over, rocking her body against his. Her clitoris lay bare against the base of his shaft as he burrowed inside her. She felt the wave of orgasm work its way up her legs and then shattering inside her. Giovanni’s mouth clamped down on hers, breathing in her exhaled moan.

He felt the deluge of her orgasm, hot and sticky cream surrounding his cock. He pushed her against a shelf and pummeled. The squishy sounds of sex echoed in the small space. Grunting against her lips with a guttural expletive, he drove again to climax.

Minutes passed with only the staccato of breathing. His arms began to shake with the weight of her. Casey slid slowly down off of him. Standing unevenly, with the result of their passion oozing between her legs, she laughed silently at the bizarre thought of needing her sea legs.

Casey realized she’d opened more than just a door to him and she didn’t regret it. Even if she never saw him again, she still wouldn’t regret it. He had helped her feel alive again, and she had loved it. She waited there thinking she was not done living.

Giovanni lifted her face to his, and reading her mind, whispered,

“Bella, non finiscano.”

And indeed, they were not finished.

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