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Tell Me A Story, Desdmona
illustration by garv

My Erotic Short Stories

My short stories cover the entire spectrum of red to violet, from black to white, from blue to light blue.

Four Seasons

…Spring into summer, summer into autumn, autumn into winter—so rolls the changing year, and so we change and yet, stay forever the same. – Unknown

Agent Jackson Parks: The Pearly Gates

Agent Jackson Parks has the midnight watch. Libby Doyle is who he’s watching. Night after night of nothing can cause a man to lose focus.
Originally posted on Ruthie’s Club

Peach Satin and Ecru Lace

Best friends share secrets. Originally posted to Ruthie’s Club

A Cool November Morning

A story of Rick. Written especially for the ASSM Blanket Anniversary 2003

The Memory Star

Who will take the place in Emily’s heart now that her beloved Grandma Pearl has passed away? This story was workshopped at The Fish Tank

A Samhain Reward

A despondent man draws the attention of a succubus.
Originally posted at Ruthie’s Club

What a Beautiful Day

This story is especially for Souvie and John.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Girls will be girls. February 2002 Silver Clitoride Winner
Written for Gary Jordan’s Choco-Erotica birthday

Photographs and Memories

A magical journey into the past gives a woman a chance to make things different.

Anything You Ask

If a man promises he’ll do anything you ask, it seems like a good opportunity to get anything you want!


A man wants what he lost

Howl at the Moon

A sex story with a Halloween theme. As such, it would be very effective if you read it alone, at night, with the wind blowing outside your window, and a simple candle burning beside your computer. And naked! Just so you can get at your skin when it starts to prickle and itch.

The Perfect Pose

Missy is famous for her nude modelling, but people change, and sometimes change isn’t for the better.
An ASSTR anniversary song fest story.

Abyss and Amuck and a Really Good Fuck

A Dr. Seuss challenge from Eli the Bearded. Write a story in Seuss fashion using as few words as possible. Mine is 726 words, but with a vocabulary of only 208 words.

Pre-cum and Pussy Juice are a lot Stronger Bond than Super Glue

This story was written for a Write Club Duel between me and Selena Jardine. The challenge was to write a story in five hours, and the story must contain the following nine words: amulet, persimmon, borderline, fey, garlic, scissors, unleaded, funky, and palimsest. Vinnie Tesla then judged the two stories. Selena’s story won, but I did write a nice story about a klutzy woman whose only moments of grace happen during sex.

Deep Breath

A woman finally gets engaged, but she still has to come to grips with her dying mother.

Moon Ghosts and Memory Boxes

A woman with a checkered past finds romance in the arms of a cellist, until her past comes back to haunt her. Written for the June 2002 Romance Festival
June 2002 Silver Clitoride Finalist
2002 Golden Clitoride Nominee

Bianca Sends a Warning

This is what happens when you don’t pay heed to those chain letters you receive. Pass this story on or suffer years of sexual bad luck. Written for the Virago Blue Chain Mail Challenge.

The Think System

A married woman finds her Professor Hill in the philosophy section of a used book store. But The Music Man was never like this!
February 2002 Silver Clitoride Finalist

County Fair

A dark, disturbing tale about a man and woman who meet and “find love” at the county fair. Warning: contains scenes that may squick some readers.

Grandma's Getting Naked

The challenge was write something using a SPAM title. I chose to write filk! Sing along with me.
2002 Golden Clitoride nominee

Til Death Do Us Part

You know what the words in he wedding ceremony mean, don’t you?
August 2001 Silver Clitoride Winner!
2002 Golden Clitoride Finalist

From Dusk to Dawn

Maggie and Matthew have a baby. This story is unique in that it’s told backwards. This is one of my all-time favorite stories I’ve ever written. I love this couple!

A View to a Thrill

Some people’s most embarrassing moments are a lot more sexy than other people’s. What do you think of Fiona’s?

Fated Lovers

A couple meet on-line. Fate steps in, and they become lovers. And then fate steps in again.

Journey Into Sexual Awareness III - The Pussy Pact

The third story in a series with Kathy and John. The girls get together for a bachelorette party. Afterwards, they make a pact, promising they’ll never tell a soul. Why did they need to make this night a secret?

Oh, So Sweet

The first look at sex from the point of view of a naive young girl who should never have been exposed to this kind of stuff in this manner. Warning: underage sexual content.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is a whore living in the dark, cold world where ASSTR doesn’t exist. If only there was some way to bring erotic fiction back into the world! Written for the 2000 ASSM Anniversary

Some Itches You Have to Scratch

When a woman is hangin’ around the trailer park on a hot summer day, she needs to have a man around! Well, maybe she needs a man around.

The Nine-Minute Ritual

How long does it take to make love? Read this story and you tell me!

Seasonal Kisses

A year’s worth of kisses!

Sea Legs

The sparks fly as a woman who needs change meets a mysterious stranger on a cruise ship.

The Studebaker

The story of a young woman, her mentor, and a beautiful car.

Journey Into Sexual Awareness II - Revealing Vignette

Second in the series of Kathy’s awakening. This time, Kathy attends a sex toy party and a vignette is naughtily revealed!

The Kiss - A Ghost Story

A Halloween story to spook you! A scary ghost and a confused woman make an explosive mixture. Written with Poison Ivan.

Drumming Up Lust

The Night. The Club. The Woman. The Band. The Drummer. The Lust.

Journey Into Sexual Awareness I - Kama Sutra Position Twenty-Two

The first in a series of stories featuring Kathy and her husband John. In this opener, Kathy discovers anal sex.

Release Me

A woman reaches out for release, spiritually longing for her distant lover.

Georgia Peach

Mark and Marie find life and love on the banks of the Savannah River.

The Discernable Heart

Mark and Marie take a walk through the park.

The Lone Window

My first attempt at writing erotica. I like reading this to see how far I’ve come

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