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Tell Me A Story, Desdmona
illustration by garv

Anything You Ask

By Desdmona

This story contains sexually explicit scenes.

“I’ll do anything for you,” Steven announced.

Kathleen whipped her head around expecting to see his cocky smile. Instead, she was surprised by the sincere, almost pleading look in his dark eyes. She turned back to the computer before answering him, but she watched his reaction reflected in the monitor.

“Anything, Steven? What does that mean, exactly?”

“It means anything – anything you ask.” He didn’t smile, and the yearning look intensified.

“Then don’t go to Texas.”

“All right, I won’t!”

He was still dripping from his shower. He held a towel around his waist but didn’t hold the corners together at his hip. Instead, he held them under his belly button. He shifted his feet. It was a silly pose that hid nothing. His genitals swung freely in the gap.

Kathleen waited. She waited and stared at the opening of his towel. They had finished making love half an hour ago. It wasn’t cataclysmic. Both had reached orgasm because of familiarity of what worked. It was unsettling. Of course they still loved each other, but she feared routine might soon lead to boredom, and Kathleen never wanted to be bored. She looked at his penis nestled cozily in moist pubic hair and wished for something more, something exciting, something that would make them both hungry again. Steven must have wanted it too.

“Of course you’ll go to Texas, Steven. It’s work and you have no choice.”

“I can call this trip off, Kathleen. I can and I will, if you ask me to.”

“No, Steven. I’m not going to ask that.”

“All right, then ask something else. Anything. I meant it when I said I would do anything for you.”

Kathleen’s mind raced. Lately, she’d fostered a fantasy of just that – a fantasy that had Steven submitting to her every whim and desire like a slave. How delicious it all sounded! She smiled a wicked smile. He’d just given her the perfect thing to spice up their sex life. And she would use it.

She sashayed over to him and ran her fingertips down the center of his naked chest, then slipped her hand between the gap in the towel. His balls were dewy from the heated shower, and she cradled them in the palm of her hand like fresh, fragile eggs. She nuzzled close to his neck and inhaled the male scent of a clean shave. She pressed her lips against his earlobe and huskily whispered. “Anything at all Steven? Are you very sure?”

“Yes, oh god yes!” His voice was shaky. His penis jerked alive, bobbing against her fingers, waiting impatiently for her hand to leave his balls. Her gentle hold suddenly turned taut. Her nails scraped against his sac and then dug beneath it. Pinching the skin, she squeezed tightly, holding both testicles in a vise-like grip.

“God, Kathleen! W-What are you doing?”

Kathleen waited for his cock to dwindle and collapse back against his body. But she was surprised. Instead, it lurched upward, banging its head against her wrist.

“I’m trying to decide if you mean it when you say ‘anything,’ Steven.”

“I did. I mean I do! Okay, okay, Kathleen, stop it! It’s getting uncomfortable.”

“Tell that to your penis, honey. It seems to like it!”

Kathleen! I mean it! Stop!

The more he protested, the harder his dick became. Kathleen squeezed until her fingers hurt. Steven dropped the towel and grabbed her wrist, and she finally loosened her grip.

“What the hell was that all about, Kathleen?”

“I was just testing to see if your definition of ‘anything’ was the same as Webster’s.”

She soothed his balls with soft little pets and then walked back to her computer. She ignored his “hands on hips, answer me” pose and pretended to be engrossed in her work.

“Damn it, Kathleen! I meant it when I said, ‘ask anything.’ But you didn’t ask. You just grabbed hold and went for broke.”

Kathleen ignored him and began humming as she typed out several sentences with no real meaning.

“Talk to me, Kath. What’s this all about? Do you need me to prove something to you?”

She never could ignore him when he called her Kath. He said it in a little boy, bewildered voice that touched her heart. She twisted around to look at him.

“Steven, do you love me?”

“You know I do.”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes, Kathleen I trust you, but what ... ”

“Steven, I want you to mean it when you say ‘anything.’ Tell me that you do!”

“I don’t know what you’re asking me.”

“Tell me.”

“I’ve already said I’ll do anything you ask, Kath.”

“All right, here’s what I want. We both know you aren’t going to call off this trip to Texas. We also both know that we could use a little pick-me-up in the boudoir. So while you’re gone I want you to give some thought to being my sexual slave.” She surprised herself by coming right out and saying it without hedging or a build-up, but she she’d need to use that kind of authority if she were going to make her fantasy come to life.

“Your slave? Is this a joke?” Steven didn’t smile. Nor did he seem to be aware he was still nude.

“No, it’s not a joke.”

“Just what will I have to do?”

“Anything I ask, of course.”

“All right, I’ll think about it, but I’m not promising to like it”

“I don’t know, Steven, you might need to talk it over with your cock. It seems to like the idea of being my slave. I think it’s genuflecting!”

They both glanced down at his stiffened rod nodding up and down as if in full agreement.

Kathleen woke the next morning and found Steven had already left for the airport. He usually didn’t wake her when he had these early morning flights. Last night they tumbled into bed giggling, sharing sweet kisses before turning and saying goodnight. She didn’t bring up her slave idea again, deciding instead to let Steven ruminate over it.

She rolled over and checked the clock – 7:32 am – way too early to get up. She thought about Steven standing in front of her, naked and wet. It was a picture worth thinking about a little longer. If he agreed to be her slave, she would want him naked all the time. She snuggled back down under the covers and drifted back to sleep.

She groggily banged the alarm clock, thinking it was the offending sound in her sleep, and then she realized it was the telephone.


“Good morning, Mistress.”


“Did I wake you?”

“I was dozing on and off. Where are you? Are you in Texas already? Did you call me Mistress?” The last question was asked with muzzy hope.

“I’m at the airport. No, I’m not in Texas yet. And yes, I called you Mistress!” Kathleen could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke.

“Is that supposed to be funny?” She yawned.

“Not really, Kath. I’ve decided I’ll be your slave. I’m going to prove to you I really mean it when I say I’ll do anything for you.”

She twitched in her stomach and beyond, as his words sank in, sparking a sudden heat. The blankets were suddenly heavy. She kicked them off. The morning sun filtered through the blinds, highlighting her nudity against the soft, cotton sheets. She stretched and purred and felt warm to the core.

“Kathleen, did you hear me?”

“Yes, Steven. I heard you.”

He didn’t try to hide the disappointment in his voice. “Well, aren’t you going to say anything?”

Kathleen was excited – ecstatic even – but she wasn’t ready to let Steven know that just yet. So she yawned again and mumbled, “We’ll see how it goes.”

His enthusiasm deflated. “I guess I’ll see you when I get back.”

“Okay, Steven. Have a good trip.” Silent moments passed, and just as Steven was saying, good-bye, she interrupted him. “Oh, and Steven?”


“You should know that I’m naked, my knees are up, my legs apart, and my fingers are diddling my very wet pussy.”

“God, Kathleen. What a time to tell me that!”

His voice cracked and air whooshed out of him. He was aroused, and Kathleen felt amazingly powerful.

“One more thing, Steven. I’ve decided to begin your enslavement. Promise me you won’t masturbate the entire time you’re gone.”

“Damn it, Kathleen. I’ve got to go. They’re calling my flight.”

“Promise me!”

Yes, I promise. I’ll call you later, as soon as the plane lands.”

“I’ll be waiting. Now say, ‘Good-bye, Mistress’.”

“Good-bye, Mistress.”

Kathleen knew his easy compliance was his way to quickly end the conversation, but she didn’t care. He’d said it. She squirmed against the mattress. Their whole conversation replayed in her mind. Steven might be aroused, but so was Kathleen. She touched her skin, caressing and stroking. Her nipples tingled. Her flesh prickled. Her pussy warmed. Just because she had told Steven not to touch himself didn’t mean she couldn’t touch herself.

And she proceeded to do just that.

Kathleen’s spirits soared, and the morning housework flew by. Even the same tiresome chores were easy to get through. She picked up Steven’s slacks in the bathroom, his books in the den, and his tools on the counter. She dusted and vacuumed and tackled the dishes piled high in the sink from last night’s dinner. She was a ball of energy, like the Eveready bunny. Apparently, a taste of power and a healthy orgasm were just the things to spring Kathleen into action.

When she’d finished, she flopped down on the couch, brushed back the hair clinging to the beads of perspiration on her face, and then noticed the time. Steven should have called by now. She had a moment of worry and flipped on a news channel – nothing about a plane crash. That meant he just hadn’t called. That dog! He deserved to be punished. She closed her eyes, and her head slumped back on the couch. Visions of hot coals, Chinese water torture, and solitary confinement rustled through her brain. No. She didn’t want to be a sadistic prison guard – not this fantasy anyway. She gave it more thought. What happens to people when they forget? An idea wheedled its way into her head and began to blossom.

Kathleen sat motionless in front of her computer. She’d been at a loss for days now as to what to write. The deadline for the first three chapters of her next book loomed. She wasn’t in a panic, not yet, but her editor was. Luckily, he’d shown great restraint in only calling twice to see how she was doing.

The telephone rang. She jumped, and then whispered a thank-you for the reprieve.

“Hello,” Kathleen answered.

“Kathleen, look I’m sorry, I was in a rush. Bob Rickman wanted us to meet in Rucker’s office as soon as the plane landed. I’m about to go in for another quick meeting before heading over to the hotel. I’ll call you from there. Okay?”


His voice was hurried and unfocused. “Yes?” He was rushing, and Kathleen had a twinge of sympathy for him, but she needed to set a standard.

“Steven, you were supposed to call hours ago. I expected a call. You’ve kept me waiting, and I think you deserve to be disciplined.”

“Oh Christ, Kathleen. I said I was sorry.”

“Apology accepted. However, that does nothing to remind you not to let it happen again.” She kept her voice soft, nearly a whisper, and devoid of emotion.

“It won’t, Kathleen. I’ve got to go, hon. I need to make a quick pit stop and then to this meeting.”

“Steven, you’ve just forgotten to call me Mistress. So obviously you do need reminders.”

“Oh, that. Well, I thought that was just for play time, but okay, Mistress.” She had his attention. He slowed when he said the final word: ‘Missstresss.’

“Steven? When you go to the bathroom for your pit stop, I want you to take a string, or something that you can tie a knot with. After relieving yourself, tie it around the base of your penis and leave it there until you talk to me again.”

“Kathleen, I can’t do that!” Steven’s inflection had the telling tone of attempting to whisper while looking around to see if anyone could hear him.

Anything, Steven. Remember?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“When will you take it off, Steven?”

“When I call and talk to you later.”

“Talk to you soon, Steven. I imagine from now on, you won’t forget to call when you say you will!”

Kathleen clicked the phone dead. He sounded shocked, but she was sure he would do it. She recognized his interest, and he’d answered with a submissive, “Yes.”

Kathleen was plugged in to power. It was stimulating – too stimulating to sit stoned face in front of her computer. She picked up the phone, dialed the number, and asked Jacey to meet for dinner.

Jacey and Kathleen had been friends for years. They could tell each other most anything, ask most anything from the other, and depended on each other for just about anything. Including a quick dinner at a moment’s notice.

Kathleen was in the mood for a burger and fries, so was glad they had agreed to meet at their regular place. She looked around for Jacey, but didn’t see her, so Kathleen found a booth where she could keep an eye on the clock.

The waitress, Dottie, ambled up to the table, nodded her head with a slight smile of familiarity.

“You waitin’ for your friend?” Dottie wasn’t a brain surgeon. She was a typical waitress in a small diner – bleached hair piled as high as the morning stack of pancakes, a uniform, with stains of most things offered on the menu smattered over it, that hugged her doughy flesh like a second skin, and she chewed her gum with more zeal than a dehydrated man after water. But she was efficient, and thankfully knew who would be interested in idle chat and who wouldn’t. Kathleen had been willing to listen, but Dottie had mercifully run out of things to tell her a long time ago.

“Yeah, I’ll just take an ice tea while I wait.”

Dottie silently nodded and went on her way. Kathleen glanced at the clock. Steven should be getting to the hotel just about now. While getting ready for dinner, she’d decided that his little reminder might work better if it was on longer than he expected. She imagined him hurrying into his hotel room, grabbing the phone, anticipating a quick okay for release of his “bind”, only to be thwarted by their answering machine. It made her smile.

“Well, you look pleased as punch. Did they finally add something good to the menu around here?” Jacey smirked as she scooted in the opposite side of the booth.

Kathleen laughed, “Not bloody likely!” They picked up their menus, did a once-over, saw nothing new, so closed them. They’d eat what they always ate – burger and fries.

“So why the big smile?”

Kathleen wasn’t ready to discuss what she and Steven were doing. She’d most likely tell Jacey everything from beginning to end, but not yet. Keeping it secret was more exciting and more intimate. So she made up an answer.

“I was just wondering if Dottie stuck her chewing gum to the roof of her mouth when she gave a blow-job. Or maybe she refuses to give blow-jobs for fear of toppling over from that Tower of Pisa hair!”

“Oh my god, Kathleen, you can be so bad sometimes.” It was more of a compliment than a reprimand. “Actually,” Jacey added, ”I think she chews the gum as a breath mint after she gives a blow-job.”

“Eeew!” they said in unison.

The rest of the evening continued with the same sort of conversation until sandwiches and fries were gone, and everyone that came into view was studied and given a nickname. Nicknames like Thunder, Pee-Wee, and Moaner, depending on how Kathleen and Jacey wanted to characterize that person’s sex life. Their jaws ached from laughing.

By the time Kathleen said good-bye to Jacey, three hours had passed.

She still didn’t hurry home. She dropped off mail, stopped for groceries, and took the long route home. The telephone was ringing when she walked in the door. Butterflies of excitement fluttered in her stomach.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Where the hell have you been, Kathleen?”

She lowered her voice to a seductive whisper. “Did you miss me, Steven?”

“I’m sitting here with a god-damn tie on my penis. There was no string, so I had to use my silk tie, and the thing’s been tangled up in my pubic hair more times than I care to count. I had to tie the ends of the damn thing around my waist, to keep it from falling off and it still keeps sliding up and down my cock, rubbing me like an unpracticed school- girl. You know good and well I missed you.”

“That’s a shame, Steven.”

“That’s all you have to say? That’s a shame?”

“Did it remind you to call me?”

“I’ve called twelve times in the last four hours, Kathleen! Check the caller ID.”

She checked the machine – twelve Texas calls. The butterflies of excitement gave up their fluttering for a solid pummeling.

“Can an unpracticed school girl still get a rise from a well-practiced penis?” Kathleen asked.

“Absolutely! Except when she does, the fear of a strangulated tally-whacker dulls the effect,” Steven answered. Sexual banter was a mainstay in their relationship and could always dull any minor irritation.

“Steven, why did I have you tie something around your tally-whacker? And by the way, I can’t believe you called it a tally-whacker.”

“Because I didn’t call. Now can I please take it off? My tally-whacker wants to be free.”

“Come on Steven. You have a little more imagination than that, don’t you?”

“I supposed you meant it like the old adage of tying a string around your finger to remember something.”

“Exactly! Are you sure you still want to be my slave to prove you’ll do anything?”

Steven hesitated. “Yes, I do,” his heavy breathing was audible, “Mistress.”

The rush of command piped through Kathleen’s body. She felt alive and sexy.

“Steven, take your pants off!”

“They’re off, they’ve been off.”

“And your boxers?

“They’re off as well.”

“Steven, I want you to slowly remove the tie, let the silk drag against the shaft of your penis.”

“Damn, Kathleen, you’ve never acted this way before, it’s a real turn-on ... Ahh ... ” Steven sucked in his breath. “Okay, I am, Mis ... ”

“You’re not allowed to touch your penis with your hand, Steven”

“Oh, god Kath. You’re killing me.”

“That hard-on is for me, only for me, and you’re not to do anything about it until you’re here with me!”

“Then for god’s sake, talk about politics or something!”

“Do you think the Washington Monument is as phallic as I do, Steven?”

“Very funny!”

“I’m going to hang up now Steven, I’ll talk to you tomorrow morning when you call to wake me up.”

“Come on, Kath, you can’t leave me like this!”

“Yes, I can Steven, because you’ll do anything!”


“Goodnight, Steven.”

“Goodnight, Kathleen ... I mean, Mistress.”

The receiver echoed as it clicked back into its cradle. Kathleen beamed. She knew she would enjoy this, but she never would have guessed how much. Her panties were soaked with her sweet release of pleasure. She reached inside the elastic and ran a fingertip down her juicy slit. She couldn’t wait to have Steven do this task for her, over and over until she said ‘stop.’ She pressed the pearl of her clitoris, all swollen with need, and surprised herself with a sudden climax.

Oh, yes, this was getting very interesting!

The next morning when Steven called, she got right to the point.

“Steven, I want a souvenir.”

“All right, Mistress, what shall it be? A key ring, a fountain pen, or a T-shirt?”

“No, I want you to find a sex toy shop and visit it. You’re to spend at least fifteen minutes in the store, before buying something for me and something for you!”

“Geez, Kathleen I haven’t been to a store like that since I was in college.”

“I don’t imagine they’ve changed a whole lot, Steven.”

“What should I buy?”

“It’s totally up to you. Surprise me!”

“So no matter what I get, you’ll use it?”

Kathleen laughed. “I didn’t say that! I just said get something for each of us.”

“Only fifteen minutes, huh? I can’t even see a peep show in that amount of time.”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that, okay, spend half an hour!”

“No way, Kathleen, I was joking.”

She was counting on his sense of proper decorum to make him just uncomfortable enough. “I’ll talk to you later, after your little expedition to the dark side of town.”

“You’re a mean woman, Kathleen Elizabeth. But a heck of a Mistress!”

The computer sat across the room, humming as it always did. Kathleen looked at it and swore it was bellyaching, groaning because she was ignoring it. An idea would come, she was sure of it; she just hoped it was sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, the day was a gorgeous one. The sun was shining, the humidity was low, and the flowers in the garden were suffocating from weeds. She donned a tank shirt and her old cut-off shorts, grabbed her gardening gloves, and hurried outside.

By the time she was finished, her flower garden was worthy of a magazine layout. It made her think of a nursery rhyme:

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cocker shells

And pretty maids, all in a row.

She mused about the verse when suddenly she thought of Steven lurking in the aisles at a sex toy store, gazing at silver bells and maids in a row.

It dawned on her how sexual nursery rhymes were – Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater, Little Jack Horner, sticking in his thumb. People in a certain frame of mind could even argue that Miss Muffet was a lesbian.

She was mulling that over and trying to remember every single nursery rhyme she could think of when she heard the telephone ringing from inside the house. She rushed in to answer.

“Yessssssss?” Her breathing was heavy and staccato-like.

“Starting without me, babe?”

“Actually, I was just wondering why Georgie Porgie’s kisses made the girls cry.”


“Never mind! So, since I’m getting this call, I take it you’ve had a successful mission.”

“You were right, they haven’t changed much. In fact, I think some of the items on the shelves haven’t been moved since I was in college.”

“Maybe the owners know something about dust being an overpowering aphrodisiac. That could explain why whenever dust builds up in our house, I would rather fuck than clean.”

“In that case don’t lift a finger until I get home tomorrow!”

“Too late, I’ve lifted a finger, used a finger, and enjoyed a finger!”

“That’s a little unfair, isn’t it? Since I’m not supposed to touch at all.”

“Steven, darling, it’s not supposed to be fair. Now, tell me all about the sex store!”

“Well, luckily, Bob had rented a car. He let me borrow it. I was afraid I was going to have to grab a taxi. The idea of asking a cab driver to take me to the nearest sex store was scary. Not to mention, with the cabbies around here, he might have wanted to come in with me. And knowing my luck, the meter would be running the whole time!” Steven laughed at his own joke, and Kathleen giggled with him.

“Yeah, but I bet a cab driver would know the best spots!”

Steven ignored her comment and continued. “Anyway, I walk in and it’s as dark as a tomb. Everyone in the place glances up like guilty accomplices. I stood there trying to adjust to the light, but I guess I must have looked frozen, because an employee walks over and asks if I need some help.”

“Frozen, sure, but were you stiff?”

“Cute, Kathleen. So I tell her, ‘not really, I was just going to browse.’ And she tells me that browsing is allowed but standing still with your hands in your pockets for a long time isn’t. I think she was joking, but I’m not sure, because she just turned and walked away.”

“Is that a dildo in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

“Are you going to keep this up?”

“Keeping it up is my goal, darling!”

“Kathleen, do you want to hear this or not?”

“Oh, all right, go on. I’ll try not to interrupt.”

“I browsed for exactly twelve minutes, thinking I had already been there three minutes, and finally grabbed the two closest things I could get to and rushed out.”

“Oh, Steven, you’re such a prude! What did you get?”

“Nipple clamps and a butt plug!”

Kathleen sputtered trying to respond. So much for Steven being a prude! She never would have guessed he would go through a checkout line with items like that.

“Told you I would do anything for you, Kathleen.” Steven spoke with pride and a little tenderness.

She gained her composure. “And whose is whose?”

“Oh, uh, well, damn, I don’t know, I didn’t think about that. I just wanted to shock you a little.”

Kathleen was shocked but was getting over that quickly. “Steven, you’ve done very nicely. Hmm, I guess this means you should be rewarded.” Even Kathleen could hear the sinister tone that had sneaked into her voice. “I think I’m going to let you masturbate tonight. In fact, I’m going to insist on it!”

“If you insist, Mistress.”

“But Steven? Before you do, I have two demands. First, you have to choose one of those toys to use while you’re masturbating. Don’t tell me until you get home tomorrow which one you chose. And secondly, I want you to masturbate over a mirror, watching yourself. I want you to spurt your load onto the mirror, and afterwards, write my name in your cum as a reminder of who let you have that orgasm.”

There was total silence on the phone.


“My god, Kathleen, I’ve never been so hard as I am right now!”

“Good! Then you won’t need much encouragement to follow through with my demands. Goodbye, Steven”

Kathleen quickly hung up. She waited a few seconds to see if he would call back. When he didn’t, she imagined him sitting on the edge of the bed, naked, trying to decide which toy to use. She figured the hard-on would make either toy appealing, as long as it meant he could finally ejaculate.

Power was a sublime thing to have. Not omnipotence – that sounded like too much work and way too much responsibility – but a little power was turning out to be the most fun Kathleen had had in a long time.

The idea for her next book began to take root. Power. She catapulted to the computer. The disc drive whined to life, welcoming her like a long lost friend.

The telephone rang before she had even opened her Word file. She figured it was Steven and his hand job was vying for a spot in the book of Guinness for one of the quickest.

“Rosie and her four sisters didn’t break a sweat on that one, did they?” Kathleen answered.

“Who’s Rosie?” Jacey asked and then laughed with sudden understanding. “On second thought, don’t answer that!”

Kathleen choked on her own laughter. “Oh, Geez! Jacey! I thought you were Steven!”

“So, Steven’s got a hot date with his hand tonight, huh?”

“Um-huh. I guess pocket pool is a favorite pastime in Texas.”

“And Florida and Colorado and Arizona. Oh and especially Washington D.C.” They both giggled.

“What’s up, Jace?”

“Nothing much! I was just about to take a hot bath and read a little. I thought I’d call and see if you were doing okay by yourself.”

“Oh hell, I’m fine. I don’t mind these little trips Steven takes. Gives me a chance to catch up on things.”

“You have been in a good mood, so it can’t be too bad.”

“Well, I’ve stumbled upon a mood enhancer. And as soon as I work out all the kinks, I’ll share it with you.”

“A mood enhancer? If you’re using drugs, Kathleen, I want some right now. You know we always share everything.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Kathleen said, but blushed again at the thing she wasn’t sharing with her best friend. “No, Jace, it’s not drugs. We gave those up a long time ago, remember?”

“Hell, why did we do that again?”

“Something about losing our self-respect, our jobs, and having no money to shop with!”

“Oh, yeah. We did the right thing! If we couldn’t shop we might as well die! Lord! I guess it’s time for me to go take my bath. I’m starting to sound like a Nancy Reagan anti-drug campaigner.”

“Nancy could have used your help, Jace! Thanks for the check-up call. Enjoy your bath.”

Kathleen knew Jacey would have held out for a little longer conversation, but Kathleen had research to do. She turned back to the computer. Research and writing awaited. When she stumbled across the art of Mehendi, her plans for Steven were cemented. A henna tattoo would be perfect.

The hours ticked by without Kathleen noticing. It was always the same with a new idea. The excitement would build inside her until words would burst out of her and fill page after page. This time it was doubly exciting. Not only was she going to surprise Steven, she was also going to give her editor some breathing room. The adrenaline rush was like an amphetamine high.

She sat back and reread the last paragraph. The spot between her shoulder blades ached. She rubbed her neck and slowly rotated her head. She added massage to the growing list of things she had planned for Steven. She glanced at the clock. He would be home in less than twelve hours. Kathleen had shopping to do. She tapped the “save” button and rushed out to get the things she needed to make everything perfect for her slave when he arrived home.

Kathleen looked around the room. She had placed candles on every flat surface. She didn’t relish the sound of a smoke detector interrupting her plans, so she bought smokeless and dripless candles with guaranteed long-burning wicks – a long-burning wick was going to be one of the themes for the evening. The flickering flames grew and retreated, eerily reflecting on the walls. It was just dark enough to suggest a dungeon-like atmosphere.

When Kathleen heard the car door slam, she jumped. Excitement was making her jittery. She peeked out the window as Steven trudged up the walkway. He was tired. Good! It would lower his normal defenses.

Steven opened the door and immediately looked at Kathleen. Delicate layers of diaphanous chiffon billowed out around her. When she walked toward him, it clung seductively to her curves. She exaggerated the swing of her hip, and the fabric formed a perfect “Y” at the juncture of her thighs. Even though she was completely covered, her nudity was visible. Steven’s pupils dilated as she sidled up to him.

“Hello, Steven!”

He visibly swallowed “Kathleen.” He could barely rasp out her name as. The seed of power that had taken root sprouted and bloomed throughout her body.

“Steven, I have plans for you tonight.”


Kathleen leaned close to him – so close that his ragged, warm breath tickled her nose. His eyes sparked with arousal.

“Strip, Steven!” She kept her voice low but firm.

“Here? Now?”

“Strip, Steven!”

She stayed close to him. The frothy chiffon fluttered around them. He fumbled with buttons and yanked his shirt out of his pants in one hurried motion. He kicked off his shoes while he unbuckled his belt. He unzipped his pants and jerked them down over his legs. He was naked within seconds.

Kathleen eyed his jutting penis. The smooth, mushroomed head bobbed and tangled in the chiffon. She slipped her hand around his shaft and pressed her palm against the tip. He groaned in satisfaction.

“Steven, did you do masturbate last night?”


“Did you do it over a mirror?”

“Oh, god! Yes, I did, Mistress.”

“Did you write my name in the results?”

“I did, I really did. It made me want you so much, Kathleen.”

“Did you use one of the toys?”

“Uh ... ”


“Damn, Kathleen. I was nearly blue-balled as it was. By the time I got the mirror I was aching. I couldn’t stand to wait anymore.”

“So, you didn’t do what I told you to do?” Her hand surrounded his penis and she tightened her hold.

“Yes, I did! Well most of it anyway.”

“I gave specific demands, Steven.” She pulled on his cock and squeezed even tighter.

“Oh, god!”

“Follow me!”

She gave him no choice. She pulled him along by his penis. Firmly! She led him to their bedroom. It was illuminated with just as many candles as the living room.

Steven immediately saw the silk scarves attached to the posts of the bed.

“What are you doing, Kath?”

Kath, Steven?”

“Mistress! I mean Mistress!”

“I’m punishing you for not following my instructions! Lay on the bed!”

Steven complied. He did it so easily even Kathleen was surprised. She wondered as she secured both wrists. She smiled when he allowed her to secure both ankles. She marveled when she stood and looked down at him, spread-eagled, nude on their bed. And she laughed when he demanded to know where she was going when she slipped out of the room.

Kathleen heard him yell her name from the other room, demanding to be released. She ignored him and prepared the henna. Thinking about applying a henna tattoo on Steven excited her, maybe because she was leaving her mark on him, or maybe because it would be a secret just the two of them shared. She imagined him at work, all dressed up, while underneath on his bare skin was remembrance marks of this evening – marks that if she did it correctly would last a week or more. Or maybe, the excitement bubbled up because of what she planned to do while the henna dried for several hours. She was trembling as she walked back into their bedroom.

“Kathleen, goddamn it! Let me up!”

“I suggest you don’t pull so tightly on the scarves, Steven. I practiced that slip knot and I know the more you pull, the tighter it gets.”

“I don’t think this is funny, Kathleen.”

“Neither do I Steven. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do find a little humor in it. You let me tie you up so easily. I’m beginning to think you do mean you’ll do anything for me!”

“I... I do mean it!”

“Good. Then the rest of the evening should go by without a hitch.”

“What are you going to do? What is that? Is that cake frosting?”

Kathleen smiled. What a terrific idea! She would let Steven think it was chocolate frosting. By the time she told him what it really was, it would be too late.


“Hmmm, are you going to lick it off me once you put it on?”

Kathleen ignored his question and his silly grin. She sat down on the side of the bed and scooted next to him.

“I’ve decided, Steven, that if I outline your nipples, then you won’t have trouble finding them when it’s time for the nipple clamps.”

Kathleen squeezed the henna paste out in a fine line that circled each areola. His nipples hardened to marbled tips. She stopped and pinched, and he shivered.

“Steven, you’ve got such sensitive nipples! I didn’t know!”

She continued surrounding the areola in graduating thin-lined circles until the last circle was an inch and a half away from the ridge. Each nipple looked like a target. His nipples had relaxed, so she used her fingernails to pinch the tips. They beaded up immediately.

”Now, don’t move, Steven. I don’t want it to smear.”

Kathleen bent over Steven’s stomach and reached for his penis. It was semi-hard. When she touched him, it lurched into her hand like a magnet to metal. She had wanted to apply the henna to his aroused penis, but she realized keeping it hard long enough for the paste to dry would be tough. Instead, she would have to be satisfied with a mark of ownership applied artistically above it. She wrote “Kathleen’s Slave” in calligraphy script just beneath his belly button.

“What does it say?”

“It says, ‘Kathleen’s Slave’. Are you my slave, Steven?”

“I’m lying here restrained, butt naked, with chocolate icing on me. I’d say I must be.”

“Say it, then!”

“I’m your slave, Mistress!”

“Tell me what you’ll do for me.”

“I’ll do anything you ask. Anything!”

“Lie perfectly still until I get back, Steven!”

“Where are you ... ”

“Shhh. I’ll be back!”

Kathleen stored the henna supplies, thinking she just might like to see the tables turned some time. Oh yes, power was a wonderful aphrodisiac, but submitting might have its rewards as well. She searched around his suitcase for the items he had bought at the sex store. She found them still packaged, neatly hidden in his underwear. Minutes slipped into an hour before she returned to find Steven asleep on the bed. She didn’t mind that he took a little nap. It had kept him still, and it might give him a little energy.

The henna was hardening and starting to crust, as it was suppose to do. His cock had remained more awake than he had, she noticed, as it twitched in semi-erect form.

She pinched his nipples between her fingernails. He startled awake. He tried to reach and remembered he was bound.

“Time to wake up, Steven!”

“God, I was having a great erotic dream.”

She flipped his cock and said, “It showed! But now you have work to do!”

Kathleen stood beside the head of the bed, still looking ethereal in the delicate material. She closed her eyes and let her hands roam up her stomach. She cupped each breast, forcing the chiffon taut. Her rouge nipples poked at the flimsy material. She trailed her fingers downward and slipped a hand between her legs. It came away wet. The thin material was no boundary for the moisture that had been building all day.

She opened her eyes to find she had Steven’s total attention. His eyes widened and locked with hers. Small beads of perspiration were forming on his forehead and his upper lip. She put her fingers to his nose.

“Smell me, Steven!”

He closed his eyes and inhaled, moaning his delight.

“Watch me, Steven!”

She lifted the chiffon up and over her head, tossing it to the floor, and then stepped up on the bed. She carefully lifted a leg to straddle his face, and lowered herself over his mouth.

“Taste me, Steven!”

Kathleen settled easily against his opened mouth. His tongue flattened out and her clitoris bulbed outward to meet it. She ground her labia against his lips and his teeth, forcing his mouth open as far as it would go. His nose burrowed into her folds, and she mashed against it. He mumbled against her crotch and the vibration spiraled to her toes. Her climax came quickly. Her body went stiff as it burst through her. Tiny aftershocks forced their way out. Steven waited until her quivering ended, and then he began to lick. He licked hungrily. He lapped at her as if trying to quell an unquenchable thirst. She shuddered again with bliss and nearly collapsed on top of him.

And when she finally lifted herself off, she did collapse against the bed.

“Let me up, Kathleen, I need up!”

She looked at him. His face was wet with her, and his skin was flushed. The tendons in his neck were bulging. His fists were clenched, his chest muscles tight. His penis stood straight up with trickles of moisture bubbling down the shaft. His balls were rigid.

“You are up, darling!”

“Damn it Kathleen, I need up!”

“Not yet, Steven, not yet!”

“You’re going to kill me!”

“What a way to die, though!”

Kathleen stood up. She reached for the nipple clamps and butt plug that Steven had brought home. Earlier she had taken the time to remove them from their packages. Now she fondled them, turning them over and over in her hands, almost maniacally.

Panic rose in Steven’s face.

“What are you thinking, Kathleen?”

She didn’t answer him. Instead she held up the nipple clamps. The clamp for each nipple was made with two slim bars that resembled a pair of tweezers with rubber covers over the tips. Once in place, there was an adjustable ring that could slide up the bars to tighten the clamp. An eight-inch chain connected the clamps.


Kathleen dangled the chain over him, swinging it like a pendulum, back and forth. She brushed away the dried henna. A reddish-brown stain circled his areola. Discovering he had such sensitive nipples was going to work to her advantage. With a quick pinch, they perked up. She put the first clamp on – rubber tips around tiny buds – then slipped up the ring to tighten it in place. Steven bucked, pulling on the scarves.

“Oh my god, Kathleen!”

She ignored him and clamped his other nipple. Squeezed tightly between the bars, both nipples turned blood red.

“Please, oh god, please Mistress!”

“Please what?”

“Oh geez, I don’t know, oh god, Kath!” Steven was covered in sweat. He gulped for air. Kathleen couldn’t be sure if he was begging for more or begging for less.

She picked up the butt plug and caressed it. They had dabbled in anal play, with fingers and tongues, but this plug was different. It was bigger and made of rubber. It was in the shape of a cone, with a lip around the outside edge that would presumably hold it in place once it was inserted.

Kathleen drizzled baby oil all over the plug, and then rubbed it, slowly, like she was masturbating it. Steven went still. His face was crimson.

“Oh no, Kathleen, please, Please don’t, please?”

“You said anything, Steven.”

“Oh god.”

Kathleen climbed up between Steven’s open legs.

Please, Kath!”

She spread the oil, on her hands and on the plug until both were completely anointed.

“Mistress, Kathleen ... oh god!”

She got up on her knees, pressing her outer legs against his thighs, and forcing his legs open. Steven watched with horrid fascination – breath ragged, eyes bulging. Her oil-slicked hand disappeared between his legs, ignoring his ram-stiff penis and slipping greasily over his balls. She slid deeper until she reached the crinkled entrance to his ass. She teased it with her fingertip, spreading the oil, massaging the puckered hole, and then slowly pressed against it. Her fingertip popped in, and she held still. It was hot and tight. His pulse drummed.

“Oh Kath, oh Kath, oh Kath!”

She slowly moved her finger around and around. Heat kept the oil liquid and slippery. He relaxed. His sphincter loosened. Gradually his opening enlarged, and Kathleen replaced her finger with the plug, at first, just the tip like she had her finger, then gradually a little more.

“I... I can’t take it Kathleen! It feels too good, it feels too good!”

But he did take it. His cock drooled in its euphoria. She pushed it further. And waited.


She pushed it all the way. His asshole clamped around the lip of the plug, holding it in. The muscles in his ass cheeks clenched. He pressed his butt against the bed, and rotated his hips. Moaning and groaning.

He was past the point of caring what he was doing, past knowing anything. He rolled and rolled his hips. His cock turned purple with rage. He yanked at the scarves on his wrists and ankles. They only tightened more. Engorged veins rose to the surface of his straining muscles. He jerked again, bucking and thrashing. The bedposts cracked and splintered, and still he pulled. When the scarves finally ripped, and he was free, he was on her in an instant. Vicious and greedy. He picked her up as if she were weightless and flipped her to her back.

There were no soft, cooing love words. It was primal and raw. He lifted her legs around his waist and rammed into her. His cock thickened, his thrusts grew rougher, harder, faster as he pummeled. He exploded into her and his hot cum basted the inside of her cunt. She had never felt so full. She pulled him tighter. His spasms rocked inside of her and, like a chain reaction, jolted her into climax. He shuddered. She shuddered. It was one continuous orgasm that started in him and ended in her.

Their bodies were slick with sweat and sex. He collapsed on top of her. Kathleen gulped for air. Her chest burned from the lack of it. She couldn’t talk, couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything except pray for breath.

Steven rolled like a dead man, in one solid motion, off her. His hands flailed above his head. His breathing was just as serrated as hers, as if their air was jagged with spikes.

Her muscles quivered, but she managed to turn over on her side to look at him. His head slumped towards her, and with love-drugged eyes, they smiled. She smugly flopped over to her stomach, and a fraction of a second later, the bed crumpled to the floor, beneath them.

“Oh my god, Steven, you broke the bed!

He raised his head, looked around at the damage, and with pure male ego said:

“Kath, I told you I would do anything for you!”

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