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Tell Me A Story, Desdmona
illustration by garv


By Desdmona

This story contains sexually explicit scenes.

“I heard nurses are easy.” Mercury Stevens would never be known for his tact. Whenever something came to his mind, he said it.

“Oh yeah? Where’d you hear that?” she asked.


“Can you open your legs wider?”

Mercury did as she asked, watching her every move. Some men might think the way she pulled her hair back made her look harsh, but Mercury liked how it exposed her neck. When she bent over him, he could see the slope of her breast. Pale skin that showed her veins. He thought he saw part of a rosy nipple.

“You’re a real blond, huh?”

“How you figure that, Mr. Stevens?”

“Just a guess. Want to prove it?”

“If I did, darlin’, what would you do about it?”

He grimaced. She was right. Mercury couldn’t get it up even as bad as he wanted to. The bullet had hit near his pecker. It’s just stunned, the doctor had said, promising his penis would work again, eventually.

Still, she was great eye candy, and Mercury didn’t mind looking.

“It would be for research purposes. I’m asking all the nurses.”

She giggled.

“Is that a yes?”

She finished applying the bandage to Mercury’s groin and tucked the blanket around his legs, maybe lingering a little at the bulk of his thighs.

“So, is it true? Are nurses easy?”

She met his eye, shifted his chart in her arm and casually ran her hand over her breast and down her belly before pulling a pen from the front pocket of her scrubs.

“Depends on the patience she’s got.” She smiled and turned to leave.

“How about this patient?”

She glanced back over her shoulder and winked. “You get better, Mercury Stevens!”

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