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Tell Me A Story, Desdmona
illustration by garv


By Desdmona

This story contains sexually explicit scenes.

“We shouldn’t be here, Keisha!”

“Exciting, huh?”

Patty shook her head. Lately, Keisha had been talking her into things Patty never would have done. From trying sushi to wearing tight jeans on casual Friday. Sneaking into the boss’s office being the latest.

“C’mon Patty. You know he’s an asshole.”

Patty agreed. The man had claimed Keisha’s latest advertising pitch as his own. Keisha was furious. So was Patty. Still, he was their boss.

“We’ll lose our jobs.”

“Don’t worry! We’re only going to play a little hide-n-seek with his things.”

“I hated that game. I always got caught.”

“Patty, baby, you’re with me now. You can’t lose.”

Keisha ran a dark finger down the vee of Patty’s top. Patty shivered and her eyes drooped shut, but she willed them open. She watched as Keisha eased her ebony hand inside, under Patty’s bra to cup her breast.

With her other hand, Keisha clutched Patty’s crotch, pinching the double-sewn seam of Patty’s jeans. “I know you want it, Patty, baby.” She worked the seam up between the folds of Patty’s pussy lips. “Show me how much!”

Patty forgot the office, forgot the boss. She concentrated on the magic of Keisha’s hands, grinding denim against her clit. Her eyes squeezed shut. Her muscles tensed. She strained toward climax.

“That’s it little, white girl. Come on my hand.”

Patty exploded – rainbows bursting behind her eyes. “Damn, Keisha!”

“Good, huh?”


“Time to play hide-n-seek now, though.”

“I told you I didn’t like that game.”

“You probably didn’t like coloring outside the lines when you were little either, but look how fun that can be!”

Patty smiled. She grabbed the boss’s silver letter opener. The handle was smooth and fat.

The perfect hiding place came to mind.

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